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WHAT Is the FEWtv Blog?

Well today will be the first one…it’s happening right now as i type…oh, oh, dry already. ummmmm it’s going to be a place where I try and explain and highlight some of the stuff that my website introduces you too. Which leads me to this incredible news! I have a website!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have had a more than few in my time, that with the help of WIX or go daddy or a million other of the free site makers In variably I could master 78% of putting one of their handy-dandy sites together and then, when I would try and hit “publish” it would work especially on the two times I used it, then I would lose the energy to keep it going, forget the password, get distracted with one of life’s other distractions and the site would fizzle. Often for school and various theatre class projects or school shows amazing a website was helpful to parents and students…but one was too busy teaching the kids, informing the parents and directing the show to have the time to make a website that a handful of folks would look at….and then I’d lose the password.

So I asked myself “What would Matt Shaughnessy Do?” (The significance of this question will be a future blog). When I applied the question to the situation the answer was clear. I’ve known Rob Wilkes for a long, long time in a lot of capacities; as a great musician in a band that really moves hearts, minds and dancers as a force of goodness in Peterborough and as an excellent graphic designer. I will always be so appreciative of his generous graphic design of the Matt Shaughnessy’s Guatemala Painting’s Calendar 2015. The proceeds of said calendar helped provide stove’s for over 20 Guatemalan farm families in Matt’s name!

Once I had made the decision that I wasn’t going to pretend to be able to understand any web site building program any more than I could have filled out the “do your own will” kit, I called Rob Wilkes and we began working together. Rob’s brilliance shines in his results. I complicated the process as much as a short-attention spanned, fast-thinking clown could, but Rob’s patience was his biggest gift, listening to me and all the while shepherding me closer to the art of the possible, in terms of what a website could do. Let those who know do!

I would be remiss if I didn’t also include Pat Maitland, a friend, a writer, an editor, an actor, an improvisor in the mix of just how I got here. Early in the website game I realized that as much as I like to talk I like to talk of stories about others not about me. It’s better that way. So I found the content beyond difficult to write and contacted a pro. Pat Maitland helped me find those things that I wanted to say and marry those with what I needed to say. She and Rob worked in tandem and I couldn’t begin to thank them enough for their efforts and their patience with my lack of technical prowess.

Way to go Rob! I am so appreciative of your work. Thanks. For all the photographers who have pictures contained within’ thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I have tried to acknowledge all of you and if I have missed you I am apologizing now.

So I guess that’s it for my first FEWtv blog.

Till next one, “Few out”.